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Let us be your Mirror...

We'll reflect who you are. Whether you're launching a new venture or reinvigorating an established enterprise, we help you discover and articulate where your vision and values align. Slipstream Strategy empowers you with the tools and framework to spotlight how your unique story matters to the world. Are you ready to shine?

Tamsin Smith created Slipstream Strategy after launching and leading the ground-breaking brand collaboration (RED), which has generated $720 million and counting. She served as founding president for 3 years, helping Bono and Bobby Shriver transform the world of cause marketing.  Recognizing that not every mission-driven organization has a rock star and famous activist as assets, Smith now helps others achieve their impact goals through compelling narrative visioning and communications.

Since 2009, she's architected brand transformations and campaigns for the United Nations Foundation, No Bully, Futures Without Violence, and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Smith has built brands, including Boon Supply and Mab & Stoke from the get-go, and has played a seminal role in the evolutions of others, including SUGi, Arion Press, and Trove Recommerce.

If you're looking either to reinvigorate your community or bring a great idea to life, please reach out.

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