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If you can't visit the gallery in person, you can purchase the 1 Artist 1 Concept books ~~ not catalogues but conceptual installations of creative ideas realized, captured, and hardbound.
Turn your inspiration into action and your impact into overdrive at the community-curated Social Action Network. The user-driven content engine gets smarter every time you use it.
Don't just make conversation, make Histree. Create Living Content. Let it Grow.
Whether you can memorialize it in six-words or not, there's no better place to wag your tale and rub up against the true lives of others.
A portal to biting wit, kid poet-pirates, brilliant shorts, actions for Sudan, and still more outlets of staggering inventiveness from Dave Eggers' brave heart and limber mind.
Jason, Jill, and their team are "designing things people want to touch and talk about," like SlipStreamStrategy.com! Meet their other lucky clients and visit their gallery of limited edition prints. You can even send one home to touch for real (the prints, not the clients).
Any company of any size can help keep the earth in business. Join SSS and sign up.
1% for the planet
Enter a beehive of discovery ~~ learn, listen, watch. It's a world of culture. Well, love is love and will not fade away.
The Fader
If you're going to buy, choose (RED), and save lives. Hundreds of ways for good looking Samaritans to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.
Fires up and empowers kids to help other kids around the world. Life is a two-way street and love is a two-way gift.
Go Campaign
Artist Nicole Mackinlay Hahn's Mirror/Africa turns the apparel supply chain into a poetry of the senses. How do your clothes make you feel? They can, you know.
Reap What You Sew
Weave others into your tapestry. There's an ancient Chinese proverb that says, "A bird sings not because it has the answer, but because he has to sing."
Bureau of Friends

ON THE ROAD April 13-15, 2011
Redwood City, CA

Tamsin Smith moderating a panel on "Philanthroteens" at the Global Philanthropy Forum.

Limited entry event

July 7-10, 2011
Aspen, CO

Tamsin Smith speaking at ACT II, a biannual gathering of Aspen Global Leadership Network fellows.

Limited Entry event, click for more information