Published by Risk Press, Tamsin Smith's verse collection Word Cave is now available for sale online at amazon.com. The book features a cover portrait by Emilio Villalba  back cover collage detail by Matt Gonzalez, and photographs by Josh Smith,  All proceeds from the sale of the book benefit SITES UNSEEN  a non-profit founded by Dorka Keehn, which activates [...]

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Arc Fusion is an independent information and problem-solving organization on a quest to help shape and lead one of the great megatrends of our era – the convergence of biomedicine with information technologies and big data. This fusion will transform health, policy, law, commerce, the arts – and how we live. The FUTURE is the theme of Arc Fusion’s first-ever magazine issue. Each issue will start with a live event that addresses a critical fusion issue and then incorporate talks, discussions, articles, videos, and insights into solutions. As the group's poet in residence, Tamsin Smith contributes a poem "An Arc for the Frozen Sea" on this theme.

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Exquisite Corpse is a method of rough assemblage invented by the Surrealists, in which collaborators sequentially string words or pictures together to form a novel whole. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate April as Poetry Month, why not host an Exquisite Corpse Party? You’ll find that the element of obfuscation is part of the joy, as players are only given partial slices of information or fixed rules as prompts when their turn comes up. Untethered by a view of where the overall composition is headed, each contributor’s imagination is freed to range and roam far beyond the norm. With each rotation, what can’t be seen grows exponentially more intriguing. It’s as if the blinders spur (rather than hinder) creativity. A restricted view serves to break habits by eliminating the distraction of expectation and norm. (Click "Read More")

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Tamsin’s poem “Imaginary Landscape” is featured in a new collection Lightening Strikes, along with former U.S. Poet Laureates Billy Collins, Robert Haas, and Richard Blanco, and Bay Area luminaries Bill Berkson, Peter Coyote, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Jack Hirschman, 18 poets were paired with 18 painters, who produced unique visual responses to the verse. The opening reception with poetry readings is December 12th.

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